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The Georgia BigPictureCon (GABPC) Film & Technology Conference is produced annually by the Big Picture Film & Video Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to support, utilize and retain film industry professional, students and newcomers in the areas of film and the visual arts.

The mission and purpose of the BigPictureCon is to provide an environment where industry professionals and students who are seeking opportunities in the visual media industry can participate in a unique education, exhibition and networking experience with other industry professionals and peers. We want to contribute to Georgia's burgeoning film and Video/TV production industry by making it possible to utilize and retain students in the many college and university communications and production programs within Georgia state.

Students are also able to compete for funds to complete their independent productions. Donations made to the Big Picture Foundation are tax deductible.

The Big Picture Film & Video Foundation also hosts workshops throughout the year for participants in the state of georgia.


The BigPictureCon was developed in 2004 by a team of industry leaders who founded the Big Picture Film & Video Foundation. Known as The Big Picture Foundation, the organization was established as a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable entity that provides education & training in the area of screen-based media, Digital Entertainment and Technology. The Foundation's purpose is to support the utilization and retention of students and newcomers in the areas of film technology and the visual arts in Georgia and across the southeast. The foundation's programs include bi-monthly workshops and seminars, Fiscal Sponsorship for individual visual artists, and the annual BigPictureCon.

What is the Georgia BigPictureCon (GABPC)?

The Georgia BigPictureCon (GABPC) is an exciting film and technology conference targeting student and emerging filmmakers and digital media professionals - such as technology instructors, editors, audio techs, game developers, screenwriters, and those interested in visual effects. This year attendees will enjoy two (2) days of educational sessions including workshops, panel discussions, screenings, and seminars focusing on cutting edge aspects of film & video production and digital entertainment technology. Our conference sessions encourage the power and use of storytelling through film and screen-based media as a vehicle for personal expression, problem-solving and cultural understanding.

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